Meraki MUSIC Program: Piano and Guitar


Learning at Your Child's Level

Everyone deserves  a  chance  to  shine.   

What  good  is  a  program  that  demands we  learn  at  textbook  rates?    

We  all  learn  differently,  so  shouldn't our  lesson  program  teach  that  way?   

 At  The  Meraki  Center,  we  look  at  each  student  individually,  and  build  a  lesson  program  based  on  their  learning  style.  

Private and Group Lessons

At The Meraki Center, we offer both private and group lessons.  Some students prefer the 1:1 directed approach with a teacher.  Others thrive in a more social, group lesson where students learn from others as well as the teacher.  Each student receives instruction time from the teacher as well as from other students.  They play for each other, support the learning process, and become models for each other. Group games focused on musical skill building are introduced, and regular movement breaks are offered. Students move through their method books quickly.

Please Note:  Though we mostly teach children, teachers at the Meraki Center happily work with teens and adults as well!

Home Lessons NEW!

Children may experience music lessons in a more focused manner when they leave home to participate in studio.  However, there are times when the convenience of in-home lessons makes the study of music more accessible.  The Meraki Center now offers in-home lessons for families residing in the towns of Belmont, Waltham, Arlington and Watertown, MA.  Contact us for a FREE trial lesson to get started!

Pre-Piano Class for Very Young Learners

Not all children are of an age to sit for long periods and follow directions.  Our very young children need a place to learn, and they can at The Meraki Center.  We have designed a class for 4-5 year olds to learn the fun-damentals of music in a way that never feels like work.  Incorporating movement, rhythm, keyboard play and games, we help our little friends explore what music is, how to make it and how to enjoy it.  

Pre-Piano class is held Saturdays at 9:30 for 45 minutes. 

Class is limited to only 5 children.


We Begin with a FREE Trial Lesson

Not sure what approach would work for your child? Well, lucky for you, we offer a FREE trial lesson!  Bring your child in for a piano or  guitar  lesson that demonstrates our teaching approach, and gives you the chance to see your child shine.  You get to ask all those burning questions and see if The Meraki Center is the best place for you and your child.  

Why Music Lessons?

Music lessons in general have been proven to improve quality of life for children through adults.  Music engages the brain by enhancing the learning process And making the information easier to grasp and retain.  Learning music asks that the student understand patterns, which in turn support communication, mathematics, and the development of problem solving skills, in addition to giving voice to our creative side.  Piano and guitar in particular require the coordination of both hands (which are often doing separate things!) while making music.  The player is involved in harmonic as well as melodic structure, something not possible with a single-lined instrument such as a woodwind (clarinet, flute, etc.).  In addition, piano requires the player to read music in multiple clefs, while strings (cello/violin, etc) learn on 1 only. Though these other instruments are important to explore and master should the desire be present, we  feel the  piano  and  guitar offer  the very best foundation for future musical development and are  viewed as excellent instruments to begin musical studies.